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Food is love (culinary post)/ Hrana je ljubav (kulinarski post)

Often baking is a spur of the moment thing for me. Usually I decide all of the sudden that I'm in mood for preparing cakes and get down to it. That was the case last Sunday. I've made so many cakes (about 2 kg ) that I had more then enough to share with friends and family. Food is there to be shared, food is love ...well, it is if you ask me. That reminds of a story...About a decade ago I moved to Dubrovnik for work and   rented a house with a friend in a small village near Cavtat (a small city near Dubrovik). When we had time me and my roommate would prepare all kinds of dishes. When I made cakes I often took some to the landlady who lived with her family on the floor above us. Later on, my formal company send me to Italy and my parents came to pick up my stuff and pay the rest of rent. My mother was very surprised when the landlady told her about all the cakes I used to prepare. 'I didn't even know my daughter can cook', my surprised mother said. Truth