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outfits post: me, my mum and my nephew/ Današnja odjevna kombinacija: ja, moja majka i nećak.

This is my third post today so I guess that makes me a productive blogger. The chance is that I wouldn't be as nearly as motivated if I hadn't such lovely commentators. Thank you:) As you can see from the photos, my nephew is a very active child. The up side to babysitting is that I don't have to feel bad about skipping the work out, because who needs exercise when you're running after a toddler? Moms out there, I know you catch my drift! When I'm on the subject I just want to say that the expression "working mother" makes no sense. Every mother is a working mother! It is the most responsible job there ever was!  These photos are not  exactly mean to be outfit post photos but why not do something different? As you can see, my mother is wearing her christmas present! I have promised to keep you posted, haven't? Well, the good news is that  she liked the bag. About my outfit:   the green scarf is vintage and so is the corduroy jacket. The green sweat

Short impressions about Pre Fall Givency, Celine and Alexander Wang collection

 What follow is my personal opinion about three Pre fall collection.  I would love to hear your thoughts as well! Givenchy First of all I was distracted by the ugliest shoes I have seen in a while. I know that is besides the point really, forgive me but  I had to get it out in the open . The collection has something new and fresh about it. Peraps the usage  of pattens? That is the main thing I like about it. Now, I have to be frank. I'm not crazy about the cuts or the dull colours that even the patterns cannot revive. C plus. Céline  About this one I feel conflicted. Some pieces (for example  the long coats) are breathtakingly beautiful, while some just don't stand out…I just have to say this: They managed to make some really ugly trousers. However, when you look at it all together, it really is quite a collection. If I had to grade it, B plus would just be about it. Alexander Wang I love it!!! Using just three colours (white, black and grey ) he managed to

a view into my closet 3: caps and scarfs = pogled u moj ormar 3: kape i šalovi

  Caps and shawls are the essential winter accessory. Not only do they keep us warm, they provide us with the opportunity to make our winter outfits a bit more colourful and stylish. Yesterday while I was trying to bring some order into my closet, I tried some of them. The red knitted cap I almost forgot about and it is so versatile, one can wear it in so many ways. xoxo Kape i šalovi su osnovan dodatak svakoj zimskoj garderobi. Ne samo da nas grije već nam daju i priliku unijeti malo boje i stila u naše zimske odjevne kombinacije. Jučer dok sam čistila ormar odlučila sam probati neke kape i šalove ( i krzno i  rubac). Na ovu crvenu pletenu kapu bila sam skroz zaboravila, a može se nositi na više načina. Pozdrav!