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5 Summer Outfit Proposals For Every Situation

SUMMER OUTFIT PROPOSALS FOR EVERY SITUATION WITH ROSEGAL Summer is not just laying on the beach in a bikini and relaxing. Often it also involves social gatherings, special occasions and even business meetings. Sometimes choosing the right outfit can be a bit challenging. If you're looking for a bit of summer style inspiration, I've got you covered. Today I've prepared five different outfits for all kinds of summer occasions. It's Rosegal fifth anniversary  ( Happy Birthday Rosegal !) and they sent me some items which you'll have a chance to see in today's post. I had a lot of fun preparing this post! It made me realize how summer can be so fun when it comes to styling outfits. Without further ado, here are my outfit proposals of the day. 1. A COFFEE OR A LUNCH DATE- WHITE DRESS WITH GEOMETRIC PRINT Whether you're meeting some friends in the city for drinks, trying out a nice restaurant or going to grab a cup of coffee with your bestie, a nic