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How to turn a jar into a plant container? ( DIY of the day: home decor edition)

STEP 1. - GET A JAR If there is something I love, it's DIY projects. If there is something I love even more, it's easy DIY projects. So, today I'm sharing something of the sort. I trust this one is pretty self-explanatory. The old grab a jar and plant flowers and or plants in it trick. As simple as it gets, but it sure works like a charm. All you need is a jar. Alright, you also need dirt and a plant, but that goes without saying.  STEP 2. -CLEAN IT AND REMOVE STICKERS IF THERE ARE ANY Well, ideally you should remove the stickers (if there are any) and clean the jar before you plant the plants but this time I hurried things a bit.  I had planted the plant before I cleaned the stickers. This  was not a good idea for obvious reasons ( I had to wash it in the sink with the plant already in there). Still, all is well that ends well, right?                                         STEP 3. (OPTIONAL)- PAINT IT If you feel like it, you can al