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Hello! It's time for another Friday Fashion illustration. See the last post in my fashion illustrating series here . This time I'm sharing an illustration of an outfit I actually wore. This fashion illustration wasn't without dilemmas. I sketched it with watercolour pencils and added water like I usually do, but it looked too plain so I added some finishing touches with acrylic paints. In the end, it turned out alright. I would probably change some things if I were to do it again.  I didn't really settle for one photograph as a reference but did a looser impression of the outfit. If I were to paint this outfit again, I would  probably choose one photograph and stick with it. Anyhow, I revamped the illustration for my redbubble art shop by editing it with some of my rose art and titled it A Girl Lost in Roses . Not really related to my hiking trip but I've been doing a lot of floral designs for my redbubble shop so I wanted to keep up the rose theme. You will be able