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One of my paintings has found a new home and a lovely home and that! People often ask me does it makes me sad to part with my paintings and the answer is: not really. Most of the time I'm happy to see my paintings go.  This is especially the case when I know they will bring joy to their new owner. As an artist, I'm happy when people enjoy my art and when they find meaning in it. That's the point of art, isn't it?  I think you won't be surprised to learn that I enjoy wrapping my paintings. Most of the time, I do it myself. I think it adds that special something to a gifted painting.  A customized packaging always adds a personal note to any present. I love to recycle materials when I'm packaging my art. Recycling is always the best way to be sustainable. Never throw away recycling paper! I always try to be as sustainable as I can. I think I did a pretty good job wrapping this painting. I used some old crepe papers, a cord and dried flowers I had at home (recycled