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 Hello dear readers and fellow bloggers. How's life been treating you? My work life has been draining to say the least, I've been working long hours but I won't complain as in today's time we should only be grateful if we have a job. Moving onto the subject of today's post: I'll show you two outfits featuring graphic t-shirt.  In fact, this is the garment I've been relying on lately: a printed t-shirt. Ever since the start of Autumn, I've been wearing a couple of short sleeved t-shirts printed with my original art. Graphic t-shirts are practical for Mediterranean autumn because it can still be quite warm here and really you never know when you'll need to take your blazer or jacket. I find graphic tees a really easy way to jazz up a look. These two t-shirts have been ordered from a local printer (as opposed to my Redbubble shop). Identical prints are available on t-shirts  here and here .  THE STORY OF AN OUTFIT: WEARING A FASHION ILLUSTRATION  THE Y