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Fashion illustrations of the day / Modne ilustracije dana

This evening I have two fashion illustrations for you. Both of them are quite feminine and lady like. In addition, both of them are quite cozy and warm because I believe that keeping warm is as important as being stylish.  Illustration on the left side depicts a lady wearing a red coat and beanie. To contrast the red there is an orange mini skirt....we won't let her catch a cold, so there are also green gloves and scarf that match quite nicely her green bag. Since she is wearing a mini skirt, she decided to wear thick tights so she can keep warm. Finally, classic black heels finish this elegant but colourful styling. Illustration on the right side doesn't lack colour either. A pair of gloves and a beanie are essential during Winter. They keep us warm and they can be a great pop of colour. Another thing that is keeping this lady warm is her long blue coat.  Don't you just love wearing long coats in Winter?  I I do and I plan to wear mine tomorrow, but let's get back t