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Fashion illustration of the day (green coat) / Modna ilustracija dana (zeleni kaput)

moja modna ilustracija/ my fashion illustration I've been getting a lot of questions lately about my fashion illustrations. How do you I manage to be so productive? What brand of watercolours I use?...etc. Well, I'm not sure there is a trick to being productive. There are some methods we can employ, but they're pretty personal, by that I mean they are something we develop on our own, so I'm not sure how helpful will my advice be to somebody. I think it is like with food, the more you draw or paint, the more you feel like drawing or painting, the more you need it (ok, now it sounds a bit more like drugs than food but you know what I'm getting at. Besides, metaphors are never perfect). I might share some tricks that personally work for me (like sketching a lot) in the future but being productive is a relative term. Some illustrations might take a lot of time, so even if you make just one per day or month, you're still being productive. Do you know what I m