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February/ Veljača (outfits/ odjevne kombinacije)

In this post, I'll share a recap of outfits I wore this February. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 10 11 12 13

River Buna Revisited / Rijeka Buna ponovni posjet

About a week ago, we decided to head out to banks of river Buna. It is the perfect getaway when we only have an hour or two to spare. Weather that day was very odd. It was quite windy but quite warm. It is always tricky to get dressed for that kind of weather.  I decided to wear a retro girly outfit, a sort of school uniform. I kind of felt like a young lady at the begging of the last century. I've had this silver silk blouse for a long time and I still love it. I think it is the only silk clothing item in my closet. The funny thing is that the wind kept undoing  the bow on my blouse, so I had to tie it over and over again.  Apart from that, this was the perfect outfit for that day.I know that the poloneck that is visible under the blouse won't be to everyone's liking, but I love wearing them like that. I felt very comfortable wearing this. I must have worn this vintage skirt a hundred of times, but I just can't get bored of it.  Prije otprili