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University campus (my version of a school uniform) / Sveučilišni kampus ( moja verzija školske uniforme)

Just in case you're wondering, the location for these photographs is University campus in Split city (Croatia). The first building (in order of appearance) is University library of Split and the others are  mostly university buildings ( University of Engineering, University of Economics etc). This location was featured previously on my blog a number of times ( for example  here ) and  since then, a lot of people inquired about it, that's why I'm taking a moment to reflect on it. I personally like to go for a walk here and not only because it is where I live. One of my favourite writers ( Roger Zelazny) said he likes libraries because it makes him feel safe to be surrounded by walls of knowledge. I share his sentiment. Maybe that is what draws me to this place. There is something comforting about the search for knowledge, at times it even seems more complete to me than search for happiness that is so often elusive. After all, in life we must forever remain students becaus