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baseball cap (outfit post) / šilterica (odjevna objava)

Jakna/Jacket: alpine pro , čizme/boots: Peko Ja te volim, jer si ko zvijezda:                           I love thee, cause you're like a star Visoko—sama, i suze jer tvoje,                         up high---alone, and  cause your tears Što krišom plačeš, ko kajanje truju                   that you cry in secret, like remorse poison I more budne, mučne noći moje.                       and torture my awake, restless nights.  Matoš, ulomak iz Serenade                                                  except from   The Serenade , Matoš These images were taken some time last month. In fact. I still have a lot of February outfits to post. The weather hasn't changed that much, so I guess they're still relevant. What do say about this casual look? This is an outfit that is all about comfort. Without make up, but with a baseball cap. Jeans and a ski jacket...and a sincere smile to greet the first blossoms with. O