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Customizing a Notebook With a Hand- Drawn Fashion Illustration: DIY Project of the Day

Hello everyone! Today I'm back with one DIY project.  For this DIY project I have used:  1. Paper  (depending on the size of the illustration you'll need a piece or a sheet of paper) 2. A pair of scissors 3. Pencil (for sketching) 4. Coloured pencils (for colouring the illustration) 5. Glue (to glue the illustration)  Customized Notebook Tutorial: 1. Sketch a fashion illustration in pencil. If you don't know how to draw, find a fashion illustration or a magazine photograph you like and copy/ trace it with a pencil.  *(Alternatively, you could also cut a fashion illustration out directly from the magazine and glue it to the notebook but that would be another kind of DIY.) 2. Colour the fashion illustration using coloured pencils. Alternately, you can also use markers or some other medium (but you need to make use you use the paper appropriate for that medium). 3. Cut out the illustration with scissors. Don't worr