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Today we're going to talk about Catherine Zeta-Jones' style . Catherine Zeta-Jones is a Welsh actress. Born in 1969,  Catherine is today best known for her acting work, as she managed to break out of the pretty girl stereotype some time ago and went to work on more ambitious acting jobs. You might know, I'm not too keen on celebrity culture. Most of the time, I find general public's interest in famous people unnatural and crazy, but I do think many celebs are a great fashion inspiration source because they have access to the good stuff and often work with very creative people. Catherine definitely has some nice style tricks up her sleeve that are worth talking about, so that's what we will be doing today. We'll look into her style secrets and see what lessons we can learn from her. When magazines talk about famous people style, they tend to focus more on younger stars or younger version of known starts because that is what sells and ageism is often a thing in ou