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odijevanje za buru/dressing for cold wind

There isn't really much to say about my outfit. My main goal when dressing in cold weather is to dress warmly. To add a bit of style to my winter outfits, I often focus on the accessories. I'm a big fan of belt over everything trend this winter so as you can see I'm even wearing one over a coat. It's a leather belt so that makes me feel even warmer. Red is one of my fav colours( and perhaps even the one for me) so that pretty much explains the accesories. Enjoy your week:)

DIY ili ti ga uradi sam

Today I sewed this leather detail onto my cap. I think that with this bow it looks better. What do you think?

Danas sam ušila ovaj kožni detalj na kapu. Mislim da s ovom mašnom izgleda bolje. Što vi mislite?

Snig u Splitu prošlegodine/ last year's snow


looking back/ pogled u prošlost

You should try anthing once, somebody said. So, years ago I tried being blond. My natural hair colour is dark and I think it was very obvious that I was a fake blond. To be honest I don't think it looked  particulary flattering on me.  Nevertheless, I don't regretting doing it.You should try anthing once, right? I must said I don't think I'll ever be blond again. I've been trough all hair colours and did my fair share of experimenting with them in highschool. Now I'm really happy with my natural colour and I don't want to colour it ever again.
 What I can notice when I look at old photos is that I tend to pick very similar model of              sunglass over and over again. What about you? What kind of sunglasses do you like?