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A few more reasons to visit Blidnje..../ Još par razloga za posjet Blidinju....

Time for my second post about motel Hajdučke Vrleti, located in nature park Blidinje ( Bosnia and Herzegovina).  The mountain air always does me good. As I said in my previous post, I quite enjoyed my stay here. Hajdučke Vrleti is one of the major touristic attractions of this nature park, perhaps in part because this place is the centre of so called 'Hajduk republic', founded by the owner of this establishment. They organize cultural manifestations and that sorts of things and it's all great fun. This republic is obviously symbolic but it has its own constitution and laws. If you apply you can get a passport. In fact, you can have your passport made in this motel. One of the things you might want to know is that there is a ski resort near by. Naturally, it is not opened during the Summer but once the snow falls it gets busy. Hence, during the Winter, you better make sure to book your accommodation in advance. There are five hotels in nature park Blidinje and apartm

Where to stay at in Blidinje? Gdje odsjesti u Blidinjama?...... Hajdučke vrleti (BIH)

 The first time we visited nature park Blidinje, we had lunch at Hajducke Vrleti , a well-known stop for many visitors . This amazing motel is located on elevation of 1.500 m,  so you can utilize all the benefits of mountain air. This time we didn't only dine there, we also stayed for the night. This motel is famous for its fine cuisine that is based on traditional recipes. We arrived and checked in on Saturday and we checked out the next day, early in the morning (before 8 o'clock ) because we were in a hurry (where to I will explain some other time). The accommodation is basic but lovely. The vibe of this place is very cozy. The price of spending the night is about 15 euros per person. Visit their site here . Our stay was certainly very pleasant. After lunch, we went for a walk and visited a necropolis near by. Since I'm a history geek, I quite enjoyed that. Prvi put kada smo podsjetili park prirode Blidinje, išli smo na ručak u Hajdučke Vrleti, poznato mjesto odmora