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With three months of winter ahead of us, it makes sense to talk winter fashion. Midi skirts and dresses are often my 'go to' items during winter. One of the reasons why I like to wear the midi length in winter is because midis are not only practical but they can be quite warm, especially if you pair them with boots. I do like a good maxi but some of them can be a challenge to walk in and besides midis are perfect for showing off our shoes. Now, that I think of it, I often end up pairing a midi skirt with a coat and boots (see here  and here ). It is such an easy outfit formula to put together, but it can look amazingly chic. Do you agree? How do you feel about  the midi length?  WHEN IN DOUBT PAIR A STATEMENT COAT WITH A MIDI SKIRT When I put together this outfit, it was surprisingly neutral so I added to add some colour with this gorgeous magenta coat. I'm pretty sure I've always been a fan of statement and coloured coats (even way back when these coats