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For the love of reading.....What is so great about The Great Gatsby?

Don't ask me where I got this copy because I made this cover myself. This book 'makeover' is still work in progress btw, but so far I like how my new DIY cover is turning out. I think I might 'make over' all my penguins copies (and I have a large number of them). Today we're talk about The Great Gatsby (in more than 1000 words so if you don't have the ability to read quickly I won't blaim you for skimming or wanting to skip the text altogether and just browse the photographs). If I were to sum up this novel in two sentences, I would rephrase Oscar Wilde's famous 'the only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it' into something like this:  "The best way to yield to temptation is to read great literature. To be seducted by art is not only pardonable, it is one of the greatest life's pleasures." my goodreads review here When people ask me what is so great about The Great Gatsby, I'm almost temp