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Magla i leopard (odjevna kombinacija) ...Fog and leopard (outfit post)

I I can hardly believe that this is what I wore yesterday...on the first freaking day of June! (wiki says:  In the Northern hemisphere, the beginning of the meteorological  summer  is 1 June.)  Yesterday the weather was pretty dramatic...not to say cold. So, interesting start of summer. Maybe it is a good sign?  I felt like a heroine of Brave Heart, ready to free Scotland from its opressors or something like that. I did have a feeling that I was in Scotland. Instead I was on top of dormant vulcano Hum (Mostar) but the amount of green around me and the weather that supposedly builds character (or so the northern races claim but if you ask me heat builds character to, just in a different way) could have fooled anyone. What to say about my outfit? Leopard, faux leather, oversized sweater, winter boots...I was just trying to be warm and not be too dull.  I'm not sure how  successful I was with either.... I wasn't warm! On other note, I think my husband did a good job

New in(my garden)/ Novo (u mom vrtu)

I guess that the title of this post could also be..."yesterday in photos" or "rainy days." So, how was yesterday? Pretty much like today, rainy and you can see. At least I don't have to water my garden:) V aljda bi se ovaj post mogao zvati i jučerašnji dan u slikama (koji je usput rečeno sličan današnjem, hladan i kišovit) ili kišni dani...barem ne moram zalijevati vrt.