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Inspired by Tijana / Nadahnuta s Tijanom....

Time for another Inspired by .... feature. So, recently I illustrated Tijana from blog fashionabejita . The medium I  have chosen is watercolour on paper. It feels nice to be doing aquarelle art again, but to be honest at the moment I'm enjoying drawing just as much. Yesterday, I've done a few colour pencil drawings. So, it is mostly  pencils drawings and watercolours these days. Sometimes I even combine the two because mixed media is always fun. Right now, I'm really missing working with oil paints, but well there are only 24 hours in a day. Probably it will be a while until I take up oil painting again. I don't really have a favourite medium, I always felt comfortable working with different techniques. Anyhow, this painting was inspired by this post . It is a wonderful post, do check it out. Vrijeme za još jednu Nadahnuta s...rubriku. Ilustrirala sam, nedavno, Tijanu s bloga fashionabejita . Medij su vodene bojice na papiru.  Lijepo je opet raditi akvarele, ali d

Cheers to Autumn! Welcome October! / Dobrošao listopadu! Živjela jesen! (fashion illustration of the day/ modna ilustracija dana)

Cheers to Autumn and a warm welcome to October! A new month always feel like a fresh start, doesn't it? There is something lovely about a day that is the first day of something. First of a new month, a new year, a new relationship, a new job, a new school or university year and so on. In many ways, we're always hungry for a fresh start- and why shouldn't we be? Isn't this possibility of making a fresh start the most precious thing about being a human being? Naturally, not all humans have this ability. If you have ever had a pet, you certainly witnesses that animals are capable of making a fresh start, getting over old fears and trying some new. Sometimes they're afraid of something for years and then they surprise you and out of the blue they get over it! Sometimes you can literally see them blossoming and developing a whole new personality as a result of getting over old fears. I'm speaking of higher animals here, as much as we might love our fish, snake or