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Today's outfit/ Današnje ruho

My dear readers, (somehow it feels like a real  privilege  to say that). I'm back in Mostar (BiH). Today the weather is pretty much the same as yesterday. Windy, cold and sunny. I'm not going to complain because that last adjective ( sunny ) is enough to make little me happy. Now, about the outfit . I chose to wear another (leather) belt on this puffer (that already has a belt) to make sure I'm quite warm (like a few layers of clothing wouldn't do the job)....I love these pants and I think I'll never grow tired of them. Not because they're designer pants (Nebo) but because they're just so warm and perfect. One more thing, today (for a change) I'm wearing make up (last two photos) so please tell me what you think. xoxo  Lipi moji, kako ste? Ja sam opet u Mostaru (ima već dva dana, ali eto...) Danas je lipo, sunčano i burnje ( bura uvik znači hladno), ali sve u svemu ja zadovoljna. Odjevna kombinacija nije ništa posebno. Jedan (dodatni) kožni re