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after the rain, comes the sun/ nakon kiše dolazi sunce

After the rain comes the sun. Today was sunny that's for sure. I enjoyed having cofee with my mum and nephew and taking a few snapshots in the process. My nephew came up with an ingenious alternative ending for Snow White yesterday (which as you can imagine made us laugh many times today). Apperantly my little nephew got tired of damsels in distress and decided that the prince will walk pass the sleeping Snow White completely ignoring her. Why? to go off and marry the evil queen..."and they lived happily ever after",or so he claims. Truth be told he heard the editer verson of the faity tale from me (the one in which the Snow White is only sleeping) but still interesting that he favours the stepmother (she is more beautiful then Snow white, he claims Why? I'm not sure he hasn't seen any cartoon or film yet).  The funny thing is that I remember prefering the evil queen when I was a child but I think that was because of the cartoon I h