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What to wear for NYE? This question might not be as existential and thought-provoking as the famous Hamlet question, but nevertheless for many of us right now: this is the question! Today I have a comfortable New Year Eve outfit proposal to share with you. If you're lacking inspiration for NYE, you can always turn to classics such as for example the LBD. Here you can see how I layered one of my little black dresses by wearing a red flared top under it and paired it with flat boots. If you plan to wait for NYE outdoors, an outfit like this one (plus a coat obviously), could work really well.  DRESSING UP A LITTLE BLACK DRESS WITH A STATEMENT HEADBAND AND NECKLACE  My proposal of today features one of 'hot' trends: a headband. I've had this particular headband for ages (proof here , here , here and here ). I decorated it myself by sewing the glittery bit to it by hand, so there is a DIY element for it. The necklace is another one of my creations. I made it when I