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house decorating inspiration / uređenje doma inspiracija

collage 1, all items from Modani How do you go about creating an outfit? Where do you look for inspiration? I myself have many tactics. Sometimes I like to concentrate on a certain accessory and start from there. When thinking about inner design, a similar tactic can be employed. Take for example this white stood . It can be used as a chic footstool or as an additional sitting place for your guests. A piece like this one can direct you in furnishing your home. I always feel drawn to white furniture because it makes any room lighter. Furnishing our home is as challenging as getting dressed in the morning. Just like with our personal style and clothes, we like to keep an eye on the trend but still we want something that reflects our own personal style. While we may chose an outfit that is composed of trendy clothing items and probably have fun while doing so, most of us have clothing items we always come back to, those we can rely on.   collage 2, all items from Modani