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Sometimes I miss those days when I took fashion illustration (and art in general) less seriously. When art felt more like a hobby, when I could draw something without being self-critical about it, without second guessing everything and without trying to study all the possible techniques to do it. However, once you start taking your art development more seriously, you inevitably get more critical about it. The more time and effort you invest into developing some skill, the more you expect results from yourself. It is only logical, I suppose, for there comes a time when art doesn't feel as easy to do as it used to, a time when you start to question your art and your skills. Suddenly, art becomes difficult.  You cannot have your cake and eat it. Not that I don't have fun with art anymore, but the whole process is growing more and more thought demanding. With every thing I learn, I discovered how much is there yet to learn. What I discovered is that art skills are much alike