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Restaurant recommedation / Preporuka restorana (Riblji restoran Bago)

I always like to read dining recommendations, so why not share one here on my blog? I already recommend one restoraunt in Ljubuški (Bosnia and Herzegovina) in this post . ( If you want to see more of this little city, you can check out this old post .)  I'm pretty sure both of these restaurants are own by the same person. This one, however, is the original one and by that I mean that it was opened first. This  restaurant is a fish restaurant (as its name would imply because that is what 'riblji restoran' means in Croatian).  These photographs were taken last Summer. We choose this fish restaurant to celebrate our wedding anniversary last September. It was a serene experience dining there. The place is so peaceful and quiet, it felt like an oasis on that particually hot day. I couldn't resist taking a lot of photographs of the creek and the surroundings. The food was heavenly, an absolute delight for someone who adores fish like I do. If you ever visit Herzegovina,