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Hello darlings! It's Friday and that means one thing- more fashion illustration talk and work. Read my last post in this category here . Today I have two new fashion illustrations to share with you. I drew both of them using photographs of myself (taken by my husband) as a reference. The medium is once again watercolour pencils ( Staedtler brand) on paper. If you have followed my blog recently, you might have noticed that I often use these pencils for fashion illustration. As you can see, there are two outfits that I illustrated. One is a winter outfit I wore couple of years ago for a visit to Međugorje and the other is a spring outfit I wore for a visit to historical (MEDIEVAL) fair in Stolac, Bosnia and Herzegovina (READ MORE HERE ).  SHOULD YOU USE A REFRENCE WHEN PRACTISING FASHION ILLUSTRATION? Is reference important? Should I drew with a reference or from imagination? My answer would be that you should do both. When I wrote about ten ways to improve your fashion illustration