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Hello readers and/or fellow bloggers. I hope your week has been up to a good start. February is here and that means we still have two months of winter ahead of us.  Winter outwear is a big part of winter fashion. One could even argue that outwear is possibly the most important part of winter style. With a warm and stylish coat/jacket, you're more than half way there, aren't you?  Sometimes all we want is to stay warm. That is why a  long puffer jacket is such a great option in winter. Pick one in neutral colour and you can wear it in a variety of ways. You can always jazz things up with colourful  winter accessories  (as I often do) .  Today I shall show you 18 ways to style a long beige puffer. They say you need to wear an item 30 times in order to make it sustainable. I'm pretty sure I have worn this long beige puffer at least that many times, but I managed to find 18 photographed outfits in my blog archives (I don't take photos of my outfits daily) and that's no