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3 Ways To Wear a Pair of Cropped Pants

How do you feel about wearing cropped pants? I'm a big fan and I know I'm not the only one. There are many advantages to wearing cropped pants. Some say that the reason why cropped pants make us look slimmer is because they showcase the thinnest part of our legs- the ankles. I've never really thought about it that way. I first started wearing cropped pants because I had problems finding the right size. So, I would buy regular pants but they would look cropped on me. I think that's the case with this pair of pants. I had this pair of ages, I wear it often but I bought it by mistake. They weren't cropped as such, it's just what happens when a girl who is 5 feet 9 buys a S size. I usually don't buy pants in small size, but this was the only pair they had and I bought it without looking at the size label  and because I was wearing boots so I didn't realize they were cropped. Fast forward to today, I'm happy I bough this pair of pants. Another advantage