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Oriana Fallaci (Illustrations of the day/ Ilustracije dana)

  Pencil sketch filled in with watercolours. I actually did a whole series of Oriana Fallaci's illustrations a while back, but I feel like I'm just getting started. Sometimes illustrations and sketches are just the first step leading to a more complex painting...and sometimes they're independent and exist as such. I usually don't know where will something will take me. I'm learning how to take my time with art. I'm trying not to rush the process of creating paintings. It takes a great deal of self-discipline to set time daily for something that will (realistically speaking) never bring you any financial or other gain, and it will be frustrating, tiring and draining. I don't think I have ever been fully satisfied with a painting I did. On the other hand, that is why I did so many of them. That is why I have hundreds (if not more) of sketches, illustrations and paintings in my home. That's life. You're got to keep trying even when you know you'r