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Hello dear readers and fellow bloggers. With only two days until the start of Summer, I decided to write a Spring Alphabet. This post is basically going to me doing a small summary of my Spring. I will pick one word for each letter of the alphabet and write a bit about it. I did something similar a few years back when I wrote my  Summer alphabet  and it's been fun reflecting on that post. My Spring was really eventful, so I can't complain. In this post, I'll also share a few of my Spring outfits that I haven't had the chance to share before. Scroll down to see and read more! OUTFIT DETAILS- HOW I WORE IT BEFORE? OUTFIT #1 A YELLOW BLAZER PAIRED WITH JEANS THE YELLOW VINTAGE BLAZER HAND PAINTED GREEN LONG SLEEVED TOP- A LITTLE PLACE TO CALL MY OWN THE HIGH RISE CAPRI JEANS https://modaodaradosti.blogspot.