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HAPPY  INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY LADIES! I've worked for 12 hours straight today, so I'm pretty tired. Still, it was a good day. I love this holiday, honestly. I love being a woman. It's such a wonderful thing! Despite my long day, somehow I managed to find the energy to go through my blog archives and come up with 15 reading recommendations.  READING RECOMMENDATIONS FOR THE INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY 1) HUMAN ACTS, A NOVEL  BY HANG KAN  4/5 READING UPDATE: TWO BOOK REVIEWS (HUMAN ACTS BY HAN KANG AND HOGFATHER BY TERRY PRATCHETT) ( Human Acts is a beautifully written tale of a historical tragedy. This novel is very potent and meaningful, but it is not the easiest book to read. Set in the midst of a tragically ended student uprising in South Korea, much of the novel focuses on the death of a young boy named Dong-ho and the effect his tragic death had on his family and friends. It speaks of a painful time in South Korea's history, of th