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Painting and outfit of the day / Slika i odjevna kombinacija dana

I don't always paint on canvas. Sometimes I'm feeling inspired and obviously the art shop isn't open at midnight so I just grab whatever comes in handy ( a piece of wood, paper, cardboard... whatever) because paintings sometimes have a life of their own and are very impatient to come into this world. They don't care if I have time or energy, they want to come to life  as soon as possible. 
There is no  correlation between this painting and the outfit but I'm posting them together because it is convenient for me to do so, it gives me an illusion of having some kind of rhythm in my blog's life.
 As for the painting itself, it represent Inari. Usually I'm inspired by Slavic mythology, but this time it's Japanese mythology. Inari is the only character from it that I've attempted to draw or paint so far, but I've been coming back to this subject for years. I guess I'm kind of under her spell and I do imagine this kami as a she...foxy lady.
Ne sli…