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THE WORLD OF PENCIL (collaboration)/ SVIJET OLOVKE (suradnja)

This drawing is special because it was a collaboration between me and a two and a half year old baby girl. You  can see her drawing video  here . Her hand coordination is quite remarkable for her age. Most kids that age can't even hold a pencil properly.  I did most of the drawing obviously, but her contribution is pretty important.  If you look at that video carefully, you will see that she was actually trying to draw hair. She was drawing the hair in waves, meaning that she understood what the hair should look like. That just goes a way to prove you never know what kids are capable of if you don't give them the chance. I often let kids draw on my art. I think it's good to make them feel included in our daily activities. As you know if you follow this blog for a while, I have no kids of my own, but I often work with children.  Back to this drawing.  I used a cover from Avon catalog cover as a reference for this drawing but I changed it up a bit. I made the fingers longer