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Rain, street art and smiles / Kiša, ulična umjetnost i osmijesi

This was one of those days when you can't stop smiling and you're not even sure why. To tell you the truth this outfit is also from last year, but considering that it is raining outside now is actually the perfect time to post it. These photographs were taken in Mostar and I rather like them, especially those with the street art in the background. Not suprisingly, I'm a big fan of graffiti and street art, even more so when they're done artistically and when they become true works of art. I always try to share street art with you on my blog, because it can be very creative and inspiring. Back at University, I even wrote one paper about graffiti in Split city. Urban life can be inspiring too. To je bio jedan od onih dana kada nam osmijeh ne silazi s usana, a i da sami nismo sigurno zašto je tomu tako. Da se razumijemo i ova odjevna kombinacije je od prošle godine, ali s obzirom da vani pada kiša danas je savršeni trenutak da je objavim. Fotografije su uslikane u Mo