Hello dear readers! Today it's time for another post in my FASHION ILLUSTRATION FRIDAY series (read the last one here ). Today you'll have an opportunity to see a couple of my new fashion illustrations. One of them was drawn with reference and the other illustrations are from my imagination. The medium for all them is watercolour pencils on (sketchbook) paper. The sketchbook paper I was using is not really meant for watercolours but I think I got away with it.   Let's get started, shall we?  FROM MY MINI SKETCHBOOK: A GREEN DRESS ILLUSTRATION AND A PORTRAIT First I'm going to show you two illustrations from my smallest sketchbook. Bellow you can see both of them: 1) an illustration of a green dress paired with a pink bag and heels and 2) a portrait of a girl in a green top. So, both of them are about green spring vibes really. If I recall well, I sketched both of them yesterday. They are quite small and not very detailed so I didn't spend much time on them. Sometim


Hello dear readers! Today is time for 7th another edition of TRAVEL WITH MY ART SERIES .  I'm very excited to share this landscape/seascape painting with you because I feel that I managed to capture this location pretty well. At any rate, I have the feeling that I'm back in Zavala when I look at it, so I would say it turned out pretty well.   If you remember the idea of this series is to take you place with my art since travel is somewhat restricted these days and all that. Most of the time I will paint or illustrate places I have actually visited, but I might thrown in some surprises and share some places from my 'bucket list' as well.  This time my art will take you to beautiful Zavala on island Hvar, a place I visited a couple of times. You can read my original posts about Zavala here and here . This place has got some amazing beaches and I couldn't resist painting one of them. I worked hard on this painting and I'm getting a lot of enjoyment from it. The med


Hello readers and happy Sunday! The weather has been quite unpredictable lately, so I thought it would be a good idea to show you some transitional styling ideas. Today I will share with you seven outfits I wore in March and April (and that I haven't shared yet). I actually have a lot of outfit and (local) travel posts I haven't shared yet. I neglected outfit posts a bit, just because I have been so focused on my art. Sometimes it is for the better because I get to share lots of outfits at once and that's always fun. All of the items I wore are old (some more, some less), so it's all about shopping my closet really. Let's get started.  OUTFIT IDEA #1: LEOPARD DENIM JACKET , BLACK CORD JEANS,   VELVET POLONECK ,  BIKER BOOTS, CROSSOVER BAG I honestly have no memory of wearing this outfit, but it must have been pretty warm that day if I wore this leopard denim jacket. The weather has been changeable.  Judging by the photos, I look pretty happy with this outfit and I&#