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How To Style a Red Midi Dress With Ruffles? Summer in the City

Before I focus on fashion aspect of this post and start to talk volumes about this gorgeous coral red dress, I'm going to give you a little health update and explain my absence. Unfortunately, recovering from a  failed thyroplasty implant surgery is taking longer than I expected. To add insult to injury, I was feverish for the last few days. It seems that I have also caught a bad cold, and that is probably why I was feeling so dreadful last week. It's just my luck, to catch a cold during my first postoperative week. This morning I have finally felt a bit better (yessss!), and I went to see another doctor who told me that I was not a good candidate for this surgery but what is done is done. No point in crying over spoiled milk. Now I should really focus on recovering and getting better. Even if I decide on it, another operation will have to wait a few months. It might all sound like a complete catastrophe, but I'm a firm believer that we can and should learn from every exp…
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Jeans Worn Over a Dress (Outfit Proposal).

Today I'm back with another outfit proposal. Wearing dresses over jeans is something that I've enjoyed doing since high school. Lately, I've been more drawn to this look because I feel it is such a great summer outfit. The last few outfits  I shared featuring dresses and jeans combos were predominately white, so today I'm going to share an all blue look. In this outfit I pared a blue navy dress with classical cut blue jeans and brown sandals. I think this outfit looks pretty cute. What do you think? It is certainly a very comfy summer styling. The location for the photographs is, as most of the time, lovely Mostar city.
Now that we got that covered, I want to apologise for my absence, I stayed in hospital a bit longer that I originally thought I will. I was only discharged from hospital yesterday. If you remember, I went there for an operation of my paralysed vocal cord, a procedure called tyhroplasty.  I was admitted to hospital this Monday, but as there were some em…

What Is More Cute Than Matching Outfits?

There is one trend that I'm absolutely crazy about this year and that is: matching outfits! What is more cute than matching outfits for mothers and daughters, or for even for other family members ( I see no reason why trendy grandmothers should try it as well)? Fashion is here to be enjoyed by all of us, no matter our age, gender or social group. That's the wonderfully democratic aspect of modern fashion, practically anyone can wear whatever they like! Matching trend is actually not that new, I'm sure you'll all seen parents dressing their twins in identical outfits. Moreover, this matching trend has had its revival under a new name this season: twinning! From fashion week streetstyle to every day wear, more people are embracing twinning i.e. wearing matching outfits with their friends or family members.

I saw some bloggers twinning with their daughters and/or mothers and I must say they rocked this trend so well. I felt inspired to try it myself. I've been meaning…

How To Find Best Photo Worthy/ Instagrammble Places In Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina (part 1)

Today I'm back with another post featuring tips for finding photograph worthy locations, and this time I'm writing about Mostar. The second largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina is a touristic hotspot. I've been living in Mostar for about nine years now, so I think that makes me pretty qualified to share some recommendations. If you want to know how to find gorgeous photography locations in Mostar, read on. 

In any place you visit, hills and elevated places of any kind are always a safe bet for snapping a great photograph. Most people are naturally driven to an elevated view.  A bird eyes perspective is not only very attractive, but supposedly it also contributes to a feeling of happiness. There are two kind of spots that allow you an elevated spots: natural (hills, mountains)  and artificial (buildings and other contructions). In Mostar you can find both, but natural views are particually stunning in Mostar. As these photograph will let…