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Happy First Day Of Summer! My Interpretation of The Birth Of Venus (My Fashion Illustration)

Happy first day of Summer! If you could turn any classical painting into a fashion illustration, which one would you choose? A hard choice to make, right? Recently while I was exploring a new way to do fashion illustrations (read about it here), I also drew a fashion illustration based on one of the most iconic paintings of all times. The Birth of Venus (Nascita di Venere) painted by Sandro Botticeli centuries ago, more precisely in mid 1480s, is certainly one of the best known and most popular paintings to ever been painted. I won't talk about how I personally feel about it, because that would take forever, as I've been obsessing over it for years but generally speaking it is a very popular painting. It depicts a mythological scene,  the birth of Venus (a goddess of love named Aphrodite in Greek mythology). According to legends Venus (Aphrodite) was born from the sea foam. I illustrated Venus wearing a swimsuit. I drew her using an ordinary B2 pencil, then I used a bit of ye…
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Let's Talk Summer! Can Summer Hats Provide Additional Sun Protection?

Summer ante portas! So, why not talk about hats? We all know that sun protection is a must all year round, but special attention is necessarily during the summer. We all know the importance of regular application of sun screen. Most of us do our best to find good sun protection products, but sometimes we forget that fashion can be helpful in protecting ourselves against the sun. Fashion can be useful that way!  Cheers to the fact that we can be both stylish and protected during the summer months. That's all I want to talk about today. Using clothes and fashion accessories as a protection against the sun.  It is worth noting that while sun screen is mandatory, there are other things, such as clothing and accessories (most notably hats) that can offer additional protection against the sun. With that in mind I created this fashion illustration. If you want to found out more, scroll down. I've prepared tons of summer hat style and outfit ideas & inspiration for you. A bit of …

Bookworm Girls Wearing Yellow Dresses ( Fashion illustrations of the day)

Fashion illustration is definitely something I'm constantly working on, in an effort to both improve my skills and to find a style that works best for me. I would say that fashion illustration is a very wide field, especially these days. To me this revival of fashion illustration makes perfect sense. When professional photography first became a thing, fashion sketches fell into background of fashion advertising, but today they are having a comeback. Not just in marketing, but in art as well. Many artist are taking to fashion illustration.
 There are people doing all kind of things, from doing complex fashion paintings that are closer to art than to sketches of clothes, to doing a very simplistic drawings meant to illustrate only clothes. From sketches of clothes to artistic fashion paintings, there are many ways to approach fashion illustrations. Sometimes fashion illustration is more about aesthetic, sometimes it is all about functionality (like in being an actual sketch of clot…

Watercolour & Oil Paintings: My Art Lately

Today I'm sharing two relatively new paintings with you. The one on the right (the lady with green hair) was a bit of an experiment. I was trying something new with watercolours, trying to free style it, I guess. I do a lot of portrait paintings, but I don't do them with watercolour that often. I'm not sure about this one to be honest, but I do like the colours.  How do you like it? Do you think I should try to make another one like this one? I do want to make more time for watercolour portraits, but I have so many art projects, it is hard for me to find time for everything.
 The other painting (the one on the right) is a quick fashion illustration  of a blue swimsuit that reminds me of this watercolour painting of mine. Perhaps I'm repeating myself a bit? I just realized that I have quite a few illustrations of blue swimsuits. It would be fun to dig into this subject a bit more. We'll see. Lately I've been working mostly with acrylic paints, but I might do so…

Pencil Drawings And Sketches+ Drawing With A Mascara: My Art Lately

Today I'm sharing with you some of my pencil drawing and sketches. The idea is to show you on what I've been working on lately.  In addition, I'm going to share with you some drawings done with mascara. That's how I upcycle my own mascaras. First time I used make up to create art was back in 2014 (you can see that post here). If you are a creative soul and you would like to recycle and upcycle your old make up, art is one of the ways to do it.

When it comes to pencil, it is obviously a medium I often use for sketching. However, I sometimes create art in this medium. If you want to see more of my pencil drawings, you can check out some of my 'world of pencil' posts here, here  or you can see some of my newer pencil drawings here and here.


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