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How to style a yellow floral jumpsuit for summer? You know when I packed for island Hvar (Croatia), this yellow jumpsuit was one of the first things I packed. I don't wear jumpsuits and playsuits that often during the colder months but I opt for them often enough when it gets warmer. One great thing about a floral jumpsuit is that it is a statement piece on its own. That means that styling it is quite easy. Another advantage of this kind of garment is that you can easily dressed up or down. I wore this yellow jumpsuit to beach, so I dressed it down with a beach bag and white sandals. If I were to dress it up, I would probably pair it with heels (as I did here and here). 
Jumpsuits are simply ideal for vacation wear. They are so easy to thrown on. I like to wear them over swimsuits for that beach chic look. I got this jumpsuit in a collaboration last year, and I'm still not bored of it. I definitely plan to wear it a lot for my island Hvar trip. Yellow is such a great colour f…
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As much as I love a classical white or black blazer, there is something to be said about rocking a coloured blazer. In summer, it is somehow easier to wear colour. Great thing about blazers is that you can wear them all year around. A nice crayon blazer can be  a great way to accentuate your summer tan. Blazers were my 'go to' look this spring, and I'll probably wear them a lot this summer as well. Today I'll show you ten ways to wear a crayon red blazer for late spring and early summer. Where I'm from, the summer has already arrived, and I don't have that much need for layering, but I still like to have a blazer at hand for whose windy summer nights. If it is still fresh where you live, a blazer can be the perfect clothing item to transition into summer with.
1. RED BLAZER WORN WITH A VINTAGE DRESS For the first outfit, I paired this red blazer with a vintage dress and heels. As for all the other outfits featuring a red blazer, they were all already featured on …


What makes today's outfit proposal so fun is that it features many of my summer style essentials. As far as temperatures are concerned, summer has definitely arrived to Mostar and that means it's time to think about my summer style essentials. I've already started wearing summer outfits. This stripes on stripes look I'm sharing with you today is a good example of my typical summer styling. At every change of season, I think it makes sense to take some time to consider what we will be wearing in the next few months. You know, it really doesn't hurt to take a few minutes to think about what we want and need. This might save us time in the future (and we all seem to crave  more free time in summer).  Summer themed social media posts are everywhere and I love it! However, while it certainly doesn't hurt to look for inspiration in figuring out what our summer style should look like, it is also important to consider our habits and personal style. 
If you're the …