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How To Style A Grey Sweater Dress in Autumn? Outfit Proposal of the Day

I was just thinking how grey doesn't always get the credit it deserves. Sure, there are many enthusiasts of the colour grey, but even among those of us who like grey, there are many lessons to be learned. One of the mistakes we make when styling grey items is to forget that grey does come in so many shades. It's kind of obvious, but it's easy to focus on the classical grey tones and forget to explore this colour in all its complexity. Not to mention that styling the lighter shades of grey can be a great way to refresh our autumn/winter wardrobe. Sometimes it does seem to me that grey is one of the most underestimated colours out there. However, that all might change as grey has been trending a lot lately. For example, you can have a look at some of my runaways picks bellow. 
Neutral outfits composed of lighter shades are a great way to stay away from the typically dark outfit combos. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with dark …
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The Magic of Nature Park Hutovo Blato: Must See Places in Herzegovina

I've been living as an expat in Bosnia and Herzegovina for almost a decade now. During this rather long period of time, I've discovered many wonderful places that I learned to treasure and appreciate. I wrote about most of them here in this little place I can my own. Still, some places are more special than others. It is hard to say why. Some reasons remain mysterious of the heart. Maybe life is more interesting that way. We don't always have to know everything. Sometimes we fall in love with places just the way we fall in love with people.
All I can say is that Hutovo Blato is one of those special places. I've fallen in love with it during my first visit. Maybe it's the sea child in me that's feeling (and missing) the Adriatic? After all, the Adriatic is not far from here. That's what I felt on my first visit: a fascination with how familiar this place felt. Since then, I've been a pretty regular visitor. In many ways this nature park feels absolutely…

Early Autumn : What To Wear? Autumn (Fall) Outfit Ideas

The Autumn has arrived, but if you happen to live in the Mediterranean area, the chances are you're still dressing for transitional weather. Today I'll share some outfit ideas for those tricky Autumn days when the weather is a bit on the unpredictable side. You know when it's still sunny but it's also windy and the weather might turn any second. The solution to this problem is often clever layering, but one needs to pay attention to materials as well. First I'm going to share a folklore inspired outfit with you. I do love folklore items (authentic or inspired) and I'm always trying to incorporate them in my outfits. Autumn is a great time to rock folklore inspired outfits. 
When it doubt, go with basics. There is something fresh about the combination of white with denim. A white shirt is something we should all have in our closets. Likewise,  a good pair of jeans always goes a long way. My husband is always telling me I should wear je…

Fashion Illustration Friday Talk : 10 Ways To Improve Your (Fashion) Drawing Skills!

I'm not a fashion illustrator, but I am a person who has managed to improve one's fashion drawing skills, so I feel I can contribute something to this subject. Today I want to share with you how I did it. Learning more about fashion drawing is something I did for my own personal satisfaction, but I can't deny there were some other benefits. For example, I gifted a lot of my drawings and made some people happy in the process. I didn't know so many people like fashion illustration so much. A handmade fashion drawing is actually a great gift idea.I even sold one or two of my fashion drawings, and getting better at fashion illustrations also provided me for additional content for my fashion blog, so that's been fabulous. It's been a rewarding experience on many levels. If you want to find out more, scroll down and read tips for improving one's fashion drawing skills!
Drawing is a skill, and just…