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In this post, I will rebuke the most common language learning myths I have encountered and witnessed as a language teacher.  You know, I've been doing some thinking lately and I realized that I have a lot to write about the subject of language learning. Moreover, I would like to share some tricks of the trade (for free) with my blog readers. In this article, I'll focus solely on the topic of foreign language learning. I will not talk about whether you should learn a language or not, what are the pros and cons of language learning and so on. The topic of why or whether you should learn a foreign language will be left for some other time. In my post about using blogs as a language learning tool , I’ve mentioned that many learners are held back by language myths. What are those language myths? Are they potentially dangerous to language learners? Actually, yes, they often are! This is why you need to know about these myths, so you don't get (subconsciously or consciously) held