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Nature is my inspiration...... / Priroda je moje nadahnuće..

I posted about this place before, but I haven't provided you with the name of this restorant (and motel). No reason to keep it a secret,  motel restoran Kolo it is and here is a link  to their official site in case you're interested. I can't comment on the accomodation because I have yet to spend the night there, but the food in the restaurant is exceptional. Remind me to ask for free coffee next time I'm there, on account of free commercial and all that. In all seriousness, this spot never ceases to amaze me. River Buna is pure magic, it should be featured in one of those fancy wildlife and nature documentaries, but until that happens, feel free to rely on me. You know I always love to share beautiful places with you. Another thing I'm happy about  is joing Kezzie in tardis blue link up. Već sam posvetila nekoliko objava ovom mjestu, ali nisam napisala koje je ime ovog restorana (i motela). Nije to nikakva tajna, zove se restoran motel Kolo i evo poveznice d