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To thank you for being such amazing readers, I've decided to host another art giveaway. This time I'm giving away a new painting of mine. Art always seems like a good idea for a giveaway. Nobody complained about getting free art from me before, so why not? Who doesn't like an art giveaway, right? Click here to join my giveaway (hosted on rafflecopter). The art in question is a fashion illustration depicting a lady in a wrap red dress and a cape. The medium is watercolour on paper.
All you need to do to join it is log into this rafflecopter giveaway and confirm that you have left a blog comment saying whether you like this illustration. I wanted to make the question simple and easy. I'm assuming nobody will join the giveaway if they don't want the art in question, right? So, answering a question whether you like it or not shouldn't be too difficult. Strictly speaking, you could join the giveaway even if you don't like the art as you're free to answer th…


Can we wear knits in spring time? I've been wearing them in spring time for a long as I can remember, but somehow I still find myself asking this question from time to time. Are sweaters really meant for spring? I suppose that sweaters and knits aren't the first thing that comes to our mind when we think of spring outfits. However, spring isn't always about perfect sunny weather. Sometimes we need layers and there is where knits come into picture. As tempting as it might be to pack all your cardigans and sweaters away once spring makes its appearance, sometimes it is really better to hold on to them. In reality, cardigans and sweaters can be your best friends in spring time. They are simply perfect for layering and we all know that layering is a must when weather is unpredictable.

How to style knits for spring? They are actually not that hard to style, especially those that come in lighter or pastel shades. In my experience, most knits look great worn with jeans, light dr…


I do love a good pair of flare or bell bottom jeans. They are definitely one of my favourite jeans styles. I even illustrate them pretty often. It's not just flared sleeves that I love, I have a weak spot for flared pants as well. Today's outfit proposal is all about casual vibes. It's also about shopping one's closet. The pastel green blazer I'm wearing is vintage and I had it for as long as I can remember. The white shirt was hand made by a lovely lady who makes Croatian traditional folklore garnets. These jeans I had for a few years and they are from a low cost Italian brand Piazza Italia. They are not the best fit around the waist (perhaps they are a size too big for me), but they are very comfortable. My green ankle boots are from Peko, a brand I'm not exists any more. The leather bag was a gift. That's my outfit proposal of the day. If you want to wear your flared blue jeans in a comfy way, I suggest paired them with a white linen shirt and a pastel …


A key to shopping one's closet perhaps lies is knowing one closet. Think about it this way. If you love a certain clothing item, it might be because you have already learned how to wear it. Today I want to talk a bit about striped items in my closet. These are some of the pieces that I often reach for in spring and summer, so I thought it would be good to do some outfit proposals and ideas with stripes. If we often wear something, it might be for two reasons: we really like it & we're tight with time. There is nothing wrong in relying on pieces you love when you're on the go. Similarly, there is nothing wrong with falling in love with a certain clothing item, cut, print or whatever. Stripes have a way of making any outfit feel more spring & summer appropriate, and that might be one reason why I like them.
A STRIPED CARDIGAN - DIFFERENT WAYS TO STYLE IT I got this striped cardigan in some collaboration long time ago. It has proved to be very versatile, and I've…