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Inspired by Dolce & Gabbana Autumn/ Winter 2017/2018 (acrylic painting/ fashion illustration)

Time for another fashion illustration.  The medium is acrylic on cardboard.  The inspiration behind this one was Dolce & Gabbana Autumn/Winter 2017/2018 collection. Just in case you're interested, I have recently illustrated another runaway look from this collection,  so feel free to check it out ( here ).   Vrijeme je za još jednu modnu ilustraciju.  Medij su akrilne boje na kartonu.  Nadahnuće za ovu ilustraciju bila je kolekcija Dolce & Gabbane za jesen i zimu 2017/2018. U slučaju da ste zainteresirani, nedavno sam ilustrirala još jednu kreaciju iz te kolekcije, pa je slobodno pogledajte ( ovdje ).  HOW IT LOOKED AFTER THE FIRST LAYER OF PAINT  PRVI SLOJ BOJE I KAKO JE TO IZGLEDALO         FINISHED FASHION ILLUSTRATION / ZAVRŠENA MODNA ILUSTRACIJA INSTAGRAM TWITTER GOODREADS LOOKBOOK YOUTUBE

Red hair, green blouse (akvarel dana) / Crvena kosa, zelena bluza (watercolour of the day)

A red-haired girl wearing a green blouse, that is my painting of the day. As you might have noticed, I'm really into the pantone colour of the year. The medium is watercolour on paper. Did you know that red hair naturally occurs only in about 1-2% human population? The same goes for green eyes. Those two colour codes are rare in human DNA, perhaps that is why they fascinate us so. How is your weekend going? You know, I've been thinking....These days I sometimes get this feeling that we are burdened with an endless pile of things that fall under the infamous 'must have' category. Films we need to see, books we need to read, events to attend, items we need to buy...and this list always keeps growing. At times it can be so distracting that we forget that what we truly need to do is live. To live in a moment for a bit. To be a good friend, sister,  brother, coworker, child, parent, neighbour, human being. We don't have to see all the films, read all the books, buy all