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Slušaj i gledaj Latice, Latica Ivanišević (ogled knjige) Listen and observe, Latica (book review)

EN Latica  Ivanishevich, a Croatian artist, was born in Zagreb during forties ( in 1942 to be precise).  In Croatia, Latica is known primarily for her work as a costume and stage designer. However, Latica  has also exhibited on her own (jewellerly and art).   This book feels a bit like ears-dropping on a family conversation. Seeing the cover and this lovely photograph of Latica Ivanishevich, you might jump to the conclusion that this is a book about her. That is, however, not the case. She is certainly the author of the book, but this book is neither her autobiography, or her memoir. This is a book about her family. Moreover, it not just about immediate family (her parents, grandparents) but about many other important members of her family. In addition, many historical and political figures are mentioned.  The title of the book is a reference to the way she was raised. As Latica said in an  interview for Nacional: "Our home was frequented by some of the greatest artist a