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another DIY necklace / još jedna ogrlica koju sam napravila

I'm back in Mostar and happy to say that the weather improved significantly. I did end up with a cold as a result of the sudden weather changes, but I'm not complaining because it was my own choice to spend entire days outdoors facing the freezing wind. Besides, I quite enjoyed it (photographs of windy Split coming up soon).  Now, about the outfit. I wore this yesterday when we stopped for coffee after grocery shopping and right before my favourite part of day- preparing lunch. Ok, I admit maybe eating lunch is my favourite but I do like cooking as well. This vintage skirt I often wear with this jacket, it seems the right thing to do, being high waist and all that. The bag is a treasured gift and the boots are from Peko . Last but not the least, a necklace that I made myself last Spring. To create this necklace, I handsewn these beads (plastic imitation crystals) onto recycled faux leather. Vratila sam se u Mostar i drago mi je reći da se vrijeme znatno popravilo. Istina,