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USGoBuy (How to.... shop internationally with the help from an address forwarding company?)

How to order a necklace from Tiffany&Co if you don't live in USA? I'm taking Tiffany&Co as an example because today I will talk again about USGoBuy  and the possibilities they offer to their customers. So, let's say you want to order a necklace from Tiffany but you don't happen to live in USA. How will you solve that problem?  Let's start with one simple question. What is a package forwarding company? It is a company that enables their customers to order items that would otherwise be inaccessible. It basically means that if you want to buy items (everything expect illegal stuff obviously) from USA, you can do it now in a perfectly legal and safe way. This company enables you to purchase whatever you want from USA. Feel free to read site's  FAQ   to learn everything there is to know. The way package forward works is the following. First you register with this site ( here ) and you get your USA mailing address, that is you are given a free