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It's the last day of year 2019. What to wear for NYE? If you want to shine, then opting for a shiny outfit makes sense. Fabrics that catch the light such as metallic, sequin, shiny and glitter ones are really trending this year. A nice sequin of metallic dress is a sure way to get noticed.  If your choice is a sequin or a metallic item, then you've probably asked yourself how to layer it. Today I'll show you how I layer some of my metallic and sequin items. A nice coat is always a great thing to throw over a sequin or metallic dress, but that is not the only option. You can also experiment with tops, shirts and blazer. If you're celebrating outside, then layering your NYE outfit REALLY makes sense.

HOW TO LAYER A GOLD SEQUIN MAXI DRESS?  Bellow you can see how I layered this gold sequin maxi dress with a vintage golden top. Pairing gold with gold makes sense. If you want to make sure you're warm and cozy, throwing on a top over your maxi dress is a good option. Jus…