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Hello, dear readers! I thought it would be fun to do a summer recap in a form of an alphabet, so I gave it a try and wrote my own summer 2018 alphabet. It was an eventful summer, and it was interesting to reflect on it in this way.  A is for ART I'm really happy that this summer I earned another art course degree with Michelangelo Gallery. This is my fourth art course degree. I didn't study art, but I'm not a self-taught artist either.  I don't have a degree in Art ( I have a master's in English), but for a few years now I've been taking classes with Michelangelo Gallery Mostar and it was such a great experience. The reason I can't really say that I'm a self- taught artist is because I had wonderful teachers there. I did learn some things by myself, but I've also learned lots from others. This applies to both fashion illustrations (that I sometimes share on my blog) and more classical paintings. I'm learning as I go, and I'