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Can We Talk About the Backpack Trend? An Outfit Proposal of the Day: Pairing a Backpack With a Leather Jacket.

I liked the backpack trend right from the start, but for some reason I wasn't in a hurry to get a backpack. I'm often that way. I often like to wait for the hype to wind down before I buy something. It is not so much about waiting for a discount, as it is about that precious feeling of doing things in my own time. However, not pursuing trends is probably not a bad strategy if you want to economize on your clothing expenses because it gives you a chance to decide what you really want and prevents you from buying something just because it is in. Not that there is anything wrong with following trends. I sometimes do, and sometimes I don't, for reasons I just explained.  I honestly do enjoy paying attention to trends, I especially enjoy that feeling of people getting exciting about something or finding they have something in common. Trends are not a bad thing at all, they keep things interesting and they often remind us to shop our closets and wear items of clothing we hav