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How to wear animal print without being tacky? Kako nositi životinjski uzorak, a da ne bude kičasto?

No coffee, no workee. Alternatively, it phrase can also be spelled 'no coffee, no workie'. It seems to be a popular thing to post on social networks. There are even new versions of this phrase, like 'no coffee, no talkie'. Have you ever heard that one? I admit it made me smile when I saw it for the first time.  You see, I'm a self professed coffee addict. Maybe coffee lover sounds nicer, but in all honesty I'm addicted to caffeine. I could live without coffee, if I could have lots of  tea instead but that's basically the same thing, isn't it? As you may know already, some types of tea are caffeine free, but not all. I honestly enjoy drinking caffeine free teas (such as chamomile and ginger tea for example), but I love those with caffeine just as much.  I can't imagine drinking decaf coffee, though.  The bottom line is that I'm aware that if I decreased my coffee intake, I would probably just increase my tea intake, so my caffeine level