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A place that is this beautiful deserves at least two travel posts, don't you agree? So, here it is: a second post devoted to bay Mala Stiniva  bay. If you haven't done so already, don't forget to read the first installment  of my winter visit to this enchanting bay famous for high cliffs and crystal clear sea. Today I'll show you a closer/more detailed look of this bay. One thing I adore about Dalmatia are all those adorable stone houses that merge so beautifully with the nature itself. What befits a rocky terrain better than a stone house? I do like Dalmatian architecture. Scroll down to have a closer view of the type of houses you can find in this bay as well as too more of its beach.  Isn't this stone house simply dreamy? I love how it looks like it is a part of the bay itself. As I mentioned in my last post,  Mala Stiniva Bay belongs to  Poljica  village on island Hvar. Do you notice the vertical cliffs in the background not to mention the rocky