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SPLIT CITY GUIDE: Church of Saint Dominic

Hello! Today I shall write about Split city, Croatia.  While we were walking around the old city centre this morning, I asked my husband to take a few photographs of me in front of this historical church. The reason for it being simply that I recalled that I have a post about this church in my blogger drafts. So, why not finish up this draft and publish it? I'll probably come back to this post in the future to add links and edit it. I'm typing this on my cellphone as I haven't brought my laptop with me.  The church of saint Dominic and its accompanying monastery are located in the city centre. The Dominican church and monastery were originally build in the immediate vicinity of walls of Diocletian's palace and this is where you can still find them, facing the  'silver gates'. What are these silver gates you might ask?   What we call old Split city or Split centre is basically a palace of emperor Diocletian who retired here when he willing abdicated his throne (