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Yet another casual outfit (RIVERSIDE) / I još jedna ležerna kombinacija (UZ RIJEKU)

Hello! In this post, I'll take you to Buna river near Mostar, a place of exceptional beauty and serenity.  POST UPDATE - 2024 VISIT  HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY- 15 READING RECOMMENDATIONS! (  LOCATION: BUNA RIVER VISIT BUNICA RECREATIONAL AREA WITH ME! WINTER 2022 ( MY PREVIOUS VISITS TO BUNA: RECENT ONES TWO LOCATIONS: BUNA AND MOSTAR A SHORT VISIT TO BUNA 2020   &  SPRING STYLING 2021  &  ANNIVERSARY VISIT SUMMER 2021 OLD VISITS  TO BUNA  For example in 2013, I showed you a photograph I took of a beautiful bird  Euroasian Hoopoe . The same year, I showed you the  spring of river Buna  that is said to be the most powerful spring in Europe.  If, you want to see more of this place, y ou can read about one of my earliest visits  here  (2013), y ou can see an outfit post with Buna in the background  here  (2013), y ou can read about spring time and my love of flowers  here  (2017), y ou can re